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From "Hahn & Kolb" to "VARIOMATIC"

Back in 1925, Hermann Hahn was already confident that grouping production line machine tools were not the solution for mass produced parts and medium batch sizes. The founder of the Stuttgart company Hahn & Kolb demanded several operations on one machine and in only one workholding fixture.

Commissioned by Hermann Hahn, the Leonberg company Bammesberger began with the production of the first indexing plate machines in 1931 – various successful model ranges were to follow. In order to combine development and production, VARIOMATIC GmbH was founded in 1975, as a subsidiary of ‘Hahn & Kolb‘.

In the 1990s, the company was relocated to the Saxon machine manufacturing centre in Chemnitz. Since 2005, Variomatic Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH has returned to the traditions of its founder, Hermann Hahn. The owner is personally responsible for combining professional competence with corporate independence.

In 2008, the company moved to its current location in order to optimise internal procedures in their own administrative and production facilities, and to establish growth opportunities.










Founding of the family company Bammesberger, until 1975, manufacturer of the Variomatic machines
Hahn & Kolb constructs and markets the Variomatic indexing plate machines model: ES, MS, T1, T2
Market introduction of the indexing plate machine T3 (type 102), with 9 machining stations
Introduction of the modular system T3-9/11, delivery of the first T3-9 (type 112),
with 9-stations indexing unit
Start of the development of the RTH under the subsidiary VARIOMATIC Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
First production of rectangular breakthroughs by broaching on T3 machines /
start of the development of T5
Introduction of the completely CNC controlled machine model range RTC on the market and gradual replacement of the RTH
Construction of the completely CNC controlled model range RTC for the construction sizes RTC 630, RTC 900 and RTC 1250 with reference circle diameter of 630 to 1250 mm and 6 to 12 machining stations
Introduction of the machine type T3P
Enhancement of the T3 and RTC production series through the newly developed T3P machine