Products: Variomatic RTC

Technical data
Machine layout RTC 630
Machine layout RTC 900
Machine layout RTC 1250
Product prospect

Flexible complex workpiece machining, fast retooling times and excellent machining accuracy make the RTC the most flexible working tool for medium- and large-scale production.

Variomatic RTC rotary transfer machines serve medium- and large-scale production of complex workpieces and categories of parts, especially those with special requirements in flexibility machining and achievable accuracy.

The RTC produces reliably in the automobile and automobile supply industry, in the field of apparatus and instrument engineering and in the electrical, lock and fitting industry.

The programmable, CNC-steered Variomatic RTC is offered with reference circle diameters of 630 mm, 900 mm or 1250 mm. Depending on application, six to 14 stations can be arranged in the machine.

The machining units are manufactured in several sizes. They are programmable, CNC-steered in all axle combinations and enable the user of the RTC the highest flexibility, reliability and accuracy.

The rotary table is clocked by a servo actuator with transmission and it is interlocked with a highly precise indexation developed by Variomatic.

Stable, modular, clear: The transparent structure of the RTC demonstrates its advantages during daily production. The system works reliably, economically and efficiently every working day.

The concept of the model type RTC with its three sizes is supplemented with specifically workpiece-adapted, hydraulically-clamping receivers and machining units, which can be variably arranged and combined depending on requirement. It enables the machining of most variable workpieces and material cross sections of up to approx. 100 mm to edge length. This is possible on up to five sides with clamping and re-clamping of six sides.