Products: Variomatic T3

Technical data
Machine layout
Product prospect

Specialized if throughput per time period is vital, the T3 is the highest producer in the Variomatic product range; its strengths are obvious during long runs of identical parts.

The machine for the manufacturing of mass bulks is particularly suitable in the electrical, lock and fitting industry, in the field of apparatus and instrument engineering and in the automotive and supply industry.

The mechanical-cam controlled machine is supplied with reference circle diameters of 320 or 441 millimeters. Nine or 11 stations are available.

With its motion sequence over the central propelled curve system, the T3 is very reliable and has a high processing rate, as well as repetition accuracies.

Its robust structure offers a long service life in tough production conditions and enables the T3 to also be very cost efficient.

The combination variety of the Variomatic unit assembly system enables the adaptation of the T3 to many manufacturing tasks. The use of variable clamping principles as well as the possible employment of the machining units in vertical, horizontal or arbitrary angle positions (also in combination) enable the treatment of most different workpieces and material cross sections to approx. BxHxL= 30x30x60 mm. This is possible on up to five sides with clamping and re-clamping of six sides.