Products: Variomatic T3i

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Upgrade The new Variomatic T3i has arrived, a product that has been developed by making consistent enhancements to the T3. Offering more-customised production concepts, the new version is much more versatile than its predecessor. CNC-controlled machining units and tools featuring an internal coolant supply have significantly extended the production capabilities, enabling the T3i to produce even more complex contours.

As a successor to the T3, the T3i likewise includes all basic machine components. Time-tested over decades, the modules are known for their reliability and efficiency, and the newly added machining processes are the perfect addition. They even enable you to process lead-free brass alloys, for example.

The T3i has been designed by industrial designers with a view to incorporating the latest ergonomic standards. Operators now benefit from an optimal workspace with shorter distances and better access. Orderly and visually appealing the T3i is the successful symbiosis of innovation, durability and effectiveness.

The programmable travel paths of the individual directional axes make the CNC machining unit much more flexible in its movement and easier to correct or adjust than a unit with mechanical control. This enables a quick and straightforward response to non-standard production requirements.

The T3i has a modular configuration. There are 9 or 11 stations available for use. The rotary transfer machine is custom-adjusted to the respective production circumstances and requirements.

More options: All the advantages of the T3 now combined with even more machining options. The new T3i a rotary transfer machine with extended potential and flexibility to adapt to customer requirements at any time.