Products: Variomatic T3P

Technical data
Machine layout
Product prospect

Balanced the Variomatic T3P combines complex machining options with precision and high parts numbers, with retooling to suit different parts fairly rapidly.

Typical operational areas include the electrical and electronic industry, the automotive and supply industry, the lock and fitting industry as well as n the field of apparatus and instrument engineering.

The Variomatic T3P is programmable and numerically steered. It has a reference circle diameter of 500 millimeters. Six to 12 stations are combined with one another.

The applied unit construction system and the consistent employment of numerically steered units in all axle combinations keep the structure of the machine extraordinarily flexible. The rotary table is powered directly with a torque engine and herewith reaches the shortest switching times.

Stable and compact modules guarantee a long life span in tough production conditions and are crucial components in the T3Pís high economic efficiency.

The Variomatic T3P combines the concepts of the T3 and the RTC. A high output for the production of smaller parts regarding complexity and accuracy of manufacturing combined with the advantages of numerically-steered machining units.

The T3P enables the processing of most different workpieces and material cross-sections to approx. BxHxL= 30x30x60 mm. This is possible on up to five sides with clamping and re-clamping of six sides.